The art of capturing great performances. It is here where the sound and vibe of a record is made. Focusing all your sweat, blood, and tears into microphones; setting the stage for the rest of the recording process. It is critical to get the best raw tracks you can or else you are fighting an uphill battle.


If you’ve tracked here or even elsewhere, then it’s time to blend all of that noise together into a cohesive, tight, and musical work of art. Whether you want your song to slam, pop, swing, or groove; SloanZone Audio has you covered with great tools to mold your music into a great mix.


Mastering ensures your music is at it’s best everywhere it’s played; from lackluster consumer earbuds to huge festival systems and anywhere in between. I always suggest artists take their project to a trusted mastering facility to achieve the highest quality product possible. Having a fresh set of ears can be crucial for professional results. With that said, I do offer affordable in-house mastering for clients that want their mixes to translate well among various playback systems.


One of the biggest problems I see these days is artists not preparing themselves for recording. Pre-production allows an artist or band to really get down and dirty with their music to find out what works and what doesn’t. Having someone from outside your band can help in offering a new perspective on your work and getting down some raw demo recordings to reference while strengthening your songs will absolutely have a positive impact on your recording sessions. “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”


Editing typically gets lumped in with other services such as tracking or mixing and it is often done while taking care of both of those tasks, but it doesn’t mean it is any less important. Cleaning up the ‘in-between’ parts of tracks and reducing any unwanted noise that might reduce the impact of a piece are just a some of the benefits of detailed editing. Then there’s editing drums – definitely not a trivial task by any means. It takes patience, attention to detail, patience, and a little more patience. A finely edited drum track can make the difference between a tight and polished professional production or a loose and messy amateur attempt.


Reamping is traditionally known as the act of sending raw guitar direct signals back out of a recording system and into a guitar amp, thus unlocking the power to use different amps for the same performance to find a sound that best suits the song. One can also send DI files to be reamped elsewhere through different equipment. This doesn’t have to apply to just guitar either – any signal can be pumped into whatever I’ve got here. Snare drum through wah pedal and into an octave fuzz? Sure, why not?!


T - Tracked / M - Mixed / MA - Mastered


From playing music and recording bands in my teenage years to working sold out shows in the concert industry, I've dedicated more than a decade to the art of audio. Helping artists transform their ideas into a fully realized project that let's their artistic vision shine through is something I am extremely passionate about, so if you are looking to record a few songs, an EP, a full-length album, or anything else, don't hesitate to get in touch!
Sloan Stewart


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